Toma Arnăuţoiu

Toma Arnăuţoiu 1921-1959 | Memorial Toma Arnăuţoiu

The anti-communist partisans of Nucşoara


  • The house where Toma and Petre Arnăuţoiu were born
  • Toma Arnăuţoiu and his mother, Laurenţia Arnăuţoiu
  • Toma Arnăuţoiu in the Royal Guards uniform – 1945
  • Petre Arnăuţoiu, the youngest son
  • Ion, Toma and Elena Arnăuţoiu
  • Toma Arnăuţoiu in a group of cadets at the King Ferdinand Cavalry School
  • Schoolmaster Ion (Iancu) Arnăuţoiu and his wife Laurenţia
  • Ion and Laurenţia Arnăuţoiu with four of their five children: Ion, Toma, Elena and Anton
  • The fir tree ravine - where the Nucşoara partizans hid between 1952 and 1958
  • The fir tree ravine – view from the Poienărei hamlet
  • The fir tree ravine – the entrance to the hideout dynamited by the Securitate was between the two poplars at the back of the picture
  • The stable in the Constantinescu household where Toma and Petre Arnăuţoiu hid
  • Toma Arnăuţoiu in 1959 after one year of questioning by the Securitate
  • Radio set and newspapers dating from 1956 and other items found at their last hideout
  • Maria Plop and her daughter
  • The partisans' hideout (photographed in 1958)
  • The hideout’s door imitating rock
  • Lowering the dead body of Constatin Jubleanu from the hideout
  • The body of Constantin Jubleanu
  • Maria Plop before joining the partisans
  • Maria Plop coming down the ladder with the daughter in her arms
  • The daughter of Maria Plop and Toma Arnăuţoiu under arrest, aged two